clio is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of personal care and beauty care appliances

about us

since its establishment in 2002, clio has become a leader in all categories in which it operates. the company is run by several industry veterans with a deep knowledge of product development, marketing and sales, as well as a thorough understanding of retail.

the entire team at clio takes great pride in their work and in the service, quality and product performance provided to retailers and consumers across the globe. clio combines small company obsession over design, deliverables and performance with large company efficiencies to deliver something truly unique and refreshing to retail.

what we do

clio operates two separate business units: grooming/beauty appliances and private-label. working directly with some of the finest retailers in the world, the company currently sells its clio-branded and private label products in north america, europe, asia, australia, new zealand and south africa.