words that describe our brands: modern, effective, beautiful, natural and green


whether a clio brand, private label, or control brand, clio constantly strives to deliver world class design, top performance and unmatched value. as one of the world’s largest volume suppliers of personal grooming products, clio has leveraged its reputation and success to provide a vast array of stylish, effective and innovative beauty appliances, skin and lip care products to retail. each of the clio brands has its own unique personality and each strives to be the best in its particular class of trade.


Clio Razorgrooming products and beauty appliances from clio have brought the fun back to the opening price-point segment. just because a product is priced low doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look great, perform well and last a very long time. as one of the first CPG companies to successfully implement design and manufacturing techniques such as thermal graphics, hydrographics, detailed over-molding and rubber plating, clio has sold millions of beautiful and effective units with global defective rates well below 1%.

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Mwahin 2012 Mwah lip care was developed with the new “young woman” consumer in mind: savvy, smart, connected girls who do not want to be pandered with tired, old soda-brand flavored lip gloss. with the goal to tick every box for our demanding teen-girl demographic, Mwah is natural, smells/tastes great, innovative, highly-effective, fits comfortably in your pocket, eco-conscious and confident. the entire lip care range is 100% solar factory made in southern california.

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Core Clarity

Core Productfor far too long women have seen a barrage of flawless-looking celebrities convincing them that 40 year old skin care and acne treatment technology (such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid) are their ticket to clear skin. rather than try to distract consumers with celebrity personalities, we spent our resources developing a modern, effective, natural and innovative skin care and acne range that utilizes key ingredients such as organic argan oil, mixed fruit acids and various other natural, plant-based cleansers and conditioners. core is modern, highly-effective and solar factory made in southern california.

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Mumsie Productmumsie was created with the specific skincare needs of pre and postpartum women in mind. the range includes the first-ever acne cleansing facial wash formulated for pregnancy that is both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid free, a luxurious stretch mark relief oil that is avocado oil based and a stretch mark relief cream that utilizes patented darutoside®, which is clinically-proven to reduce or eliminate stretch marks. the range is 100% natural, 70% organic and is solar factory made in southern california.

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Bushel & Peck Baby Organicscoming soon!